The feminine energy is motherly. It is open and approachable. It is also kind, receptive, nurturing, intimate, playful, and so pleasant to be around.


If you are interested in adopting a stronger feminine role and creating more female energy within yourself and your family, here are 7 ways to do it…

1.. Wear more dresses and skirts. There’s nothing like a dress to make a woman feel more like a woman… like a softer and more receptive version of herself.

2. Wear softer fabrics. Pick dresses and skirts that are made of soft, flow-y fabrics. When you walk, you should be able to feel your clothing float around you – caressing your legs, moving when you move. The soft and flow-y feel of the fabric will help you get in touch with your own soft and dreamy side.

3. Take time to experience sensual pleasures. Everyday you should do something that caters to your senses. Meaning: touch something, taste something, see something, hear something, experience something, or visualize something that pleases your senses.

4. Wear lighter colors. Dark colors are often moody and harsh. So, pick colors that make you think of cuddling, girly thoughts, genuine laughter, nurturing mothers, walking on clouds, Cupid, and Venus – colors like pink, white, light yellow, pale green.

— original article at Balissande Finishing School