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I am a woman who wants to re-gain the romance, softness, and innocence of my youth. I want to feel free as a fairy and light as the wind. I want to dance with abandonment and eat with hedonistic pleasure. I want so many things that only love and light can give. So I am choosing to curate it. I am surrounding myself with that of my desire… love, light, passion, beauty… the essence of Venus, the ultimate symbol of femininity. And I am treasuring every moment I spend with that soft mysterious smile.

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This blog isn’t just for me. It’s also for you. It’s a stop in between many… a place for you to rest, de-stress, and fill a moment of your time with love.

Love comes in many forms – in art, music, dance, literature, and sometimes just a look. And I will be including it all here. So, make yourself some tea, gather something delicious to eat, preferably something decadent, find a cozy place to sit, and enjoy this moment, your moment.

There’s nothing like words and images to carry us on a journey of dreams and desires. Bon voyage!

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